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Think Different and Stay Crazy

November 9, 2011

Image representing iPhone Vermont Real Estate Software

I love Apple Computer and Steve Jobs. There I’ve said it. Think what you will about Steve Jobs. What can’t be denied is that he has transformed the way we interact with each other. He inspired brilliant people to destroy accepted paradigms and create a future, unimagined. It started in his garage in Cupertino with Steve Wozniak when they had the crazy idea that computers should be on everyone’s desk….and now we all have one in our pockets.

Matthew Shadbolt of The Corcoran Group wrote a very good article for Inman Next about Steve Jobs and the contribution he has been. Steve has affected much more than the obvious computer industry. He built Pixar Studios, which has brought us amazing, award winning animated movies and set the bar very high for all other animated movie producers. Some people don’t remember a day without mp3 players. Walkmans live in museums now because of Steve’s vision. Having our whole music collection in our pockets wasn’t even something we thought we’d want……that is until Apple showed us what was possible at a cost we could afford.

Steve Jobs Envisioning the Future

When Steve returned to Apple in 1996, one of the first cuts he made was the Newton. I was mad. I had the future in my pocket and he said it was just a scribble pad and he was getting rid of it. I remember thinking he was making a big mistake and that he’d regret it. Well, we were both right. I did have the future in my pocket…..and he envisioned a future I couldn’t…..then he brought into being. iPhones are now everywhere you look. 74 million have been sold since June of 2007. Cell phone manufacturers has been trying to catch up ever since and have been copying the iPhone design in order to compete. Now we have the iPad which is only a little over a year old. 15 million have been sold since it hit the street. I got one two days after it went on sale. I felt special for a while, but now everywhere you look, there they are. They are in schools, hospitals, retail shops, real estate, automobiles…..the list goes on and on.

Real Estate Software eEdge

Steve is responsible for transforming the way we work and play. For example, Keller Williams has rolled out a new software program called eEdge. It is a web based suite of programs that keep track of contacts, marketing, lead generation, and paperless transactions. When someone visits my website and has a question, or a client signs a document online, I receive a text message on my iPhone alerting me. I can then get back to people within seconds. I have more than 20 apps on my iPhone and iPad that are real estate related that help find homes for sale, calculate mortgages, annotate pdf’s, and create powerpoint presentations that can be displayed on large screen monitors wirelessly, to name just a few. During my drives to and from work I listen to podcasts to catch up on news or listen to books “on tape”.

When I listen to Steve’s commencement address at Stanford,

I am inspired to always be vigilant to look for what’s not obvious, to solve problems by not paying attention to the way it looks but by looking for what’s possible.

I am so grateful for Steve’s constant inspiration. My life is better because of his influence…….and so is yours.

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This article submitted by Steve Overton, Keller Williams GMP

Top Financial Considerations When Buying A Home

November 9, 2011

Worried about homebuying costs? Buying your new home, whether here in Vermont or anywhere, is a big decision. It can be the best financial investment you ever make……provided you think it through and make some sound decisions. In an article written by Terri Briseno for, she goes through a financial checklist of areas for consideration. She brings to light some of the hidden expenses that often are a surprise to first time home buyers. Things like cost of a home inspection, insurances, association fees, closing costs and more. Most of these expenses should be discussed by your Realtor, but sometimes they are not explained in detail. The most disheartening thing can be the feeling of being “nickled and dimed” as the closing draws near. Many home buyers get so involved with the emotional side of finding the right home and wrapped up in imagining themselves living in a new place and in a new neighborhood, they don’t pay attention to or don’t even know the many details that lie ahead.

Regular Home Maintenance Costs

In her article, Terri spells out the actual costs of buying a home and considerations of what to expect so as not to be surprised. Have you thought about regular home maintenance costs, or how you might pay for a major repair? While renting, it’s easy to just call the maintenance or management company, but when you are the owner, you will be that person. Will you have enough money put away for an emergency, or will you have emptied your savings account for closing costs and inspection fees? As a homeowner you will be paying real estate taxes and will have to have homeowners insurance, again things as a renter you probably didn’t think twice about. The gist of all this is to be prepared and informed and you will have a much easier and pleasant experience.

CNN Money Says……….

August 17, 2011

Buying a home is now cheaper than renting. In 74% of the 50 largest cities in the US, it is now a better investment to buy than to rent. This is the article they quote Trulia and report that since prices have been pushed down, in addition to the decline in interest rates, people are starting to see the advantage of going from renting to buying.

CNN Money Says……….

August 17, 2011

Buying a home is now cheaper than renting. In 74% of the 50 largest cities in the US, it is now a better investment to buy than to rent. This is the article they quote Trulia and report that since prices have been pushed down, in addition to the decline in interest rates, people are starting to see the advantage of going from renting to buying.

Top 10 IRS Tax Tips for Sellers

August 16, 2011 posted some very sound and useful tips for people who are thinking about selling their home here. The article clarifies capital gains and what can be deducted and what can’t, plus 9 more tips. Forms are available from this site as well. If you do one thing, bookmark this page for later reference.

Five Great Hints For New Homeowners

July 31, 2011

Here is an article from The Globe And Mail that describes five important areas  that will make the transition from renting to owning less stressful in the long run.

Things like watching initial expenditures, spend first on repairs recommended by your inspector, find qualified contractors…..and more


Create a Webpage From Your Phone in Under a Minute

June 22, 2011

Imagine you are at a family picnic and you’re taking photos like wild. You are sure you want to share this time with everyone who couldn’t be there. Normally what you would do is go home after the party and start the process of getting the photos onto your computer and create a web page that people could go to. Of course you could post them to your Facebook account, but what if you could simply open an app on your iPhone, choose the photos, add some descriptions and push a button? Really, that’s all you have to do to have a webpage that everyone can go to, to see the photos. The site would be up before you even leave the party.

The app is call Zapd and you should go to itunes and download it…..why?…..because it’s free. The app is free, and the webpage is free. Imagine the possibilities!